“Visitors should visit and pay respect to the City Pillar, locally regarded as sacred, for their good fortune.”

The City Pillar is an important sacred place of Surin Province situated about 500 meters to the West of the City Hall. Originally it was only the shrine with no pillar for over hundred years. In 1968, the Fine Arts Department built a new City Pillar Shrine and the 3-meter city pillar was carved from the Javanese Cassia Tree.

Sri Surin was appointed as administrator of the Shrine of the city deteriorated. So get the financing by donations and later developed a shrine. A blend of Cambodian and Thailand together beautifully. Looks great, grand


Surin City Pillar


Bankae Yai Rd., Nai Mueang, Muang Surin, Surin, 32000 Map

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