“Containing the relics of the Collarbone of the Buddha.Taken from the high country.”

This is the first Buddhist doctrine to Lanka family. Was enshrined at the Lanna Thailand. When the construction of pagoda relics were. Embroidered on the top of mountain. Is the flag flown to a distant city. It is defined as the base of the stupa. This mountain,is enshrined the Pathom Chedi in Chiang Mai Thailand.


Doi Tung is an important sanctuary. By the season to worship Phra That Doi Tung are both local Buddhists and neighbors from nearby countries such as Thailand, the Chiang Tung in Shan State. Myanmar. The Luang Prabang, Vientiane arrived to worship every year.

History tells that later.

Doi Tung Chung Fort was built in the reign of the kingdom. King snake species occupy the Ionian cities (currently Amphoe Mae Chan) Maha Thera Vegas patch brought the relics left hand Rakkwany (collarbone) and then give it to The Kingdom of God The pagoda was built on the relics of this mountain. As Buddha prophesied. So it has to do with the Tung Wah 1,000 a top embroidered Festung if blown up, it is the base of the pagoda. However, he has given them gold for Laos. the 500 families give care to the relics. Later, during the reign of the imperial Mangrai Wong Mangrai. Vajira Thera Maha Bodhi was brought to 50 the serpent relics Mangrai thus providing a pagoda near the body of the pagoda. Since then, it has come to Doi Tung Pagoda.

Holidays throughout the year,However during the winter season you will see the fog during a trip.


Getting to Doi Tung
The Doi Tung Development Project is accessible by road from Chiang Rai city (via the airport):
- from the city, travel north along Highway 10 for 48 kms.
- From the airport, turn right at the Highway 10 intersection, and travel north for 41 kms.
- Turn left at the Ban San Kong intersection (between the 870 and 871 km markings on Highway 10)
- Follow the sighs to the Doi Tung Royal Villa.
The return trip can be made by passing the Pha Me Vocational Center, along a scenic, winding road, to the border town of Mae Sai (the northermost point of Thailand)

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