“(Temple), Wat Chanathipchaloem, Muang Satun District, Satun, 91000”

Wat Chanathip Chalerm, formerly known as Wat Mambang, was built in 1882, later changed its name to "Wat Chanathip Chalerm" in 1939, while most Satun residents are Muslims.Therefore, this temple is regarded as a gathering place for Buddhists in Satun for more than 100 years.The ubosot that looks strange from the general ubosot is the ubosot of Wat Chanathip Chaloem. The upper floor is a wooden building.In front of the ubosot is a balcony with stairs on both sides. Year 1930, the ubosot was built. The upper floor is in the ceremonies of the monks.The ground floor is used as a sermon hall. It has now been restored. The original condition that remains is the structure of the Ubosot. And the window columns, which were carved with moldings.

Chanathip Chalerm Temple or Mambang Temple is considered the first temple of Satun. The temple is located on the banks of the Ma Bang Canal. Sulkanukul Road, Phiman Subdistrict, Mueang Satun District, Satun Province

Wat Chanathipchaloem


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