“Strang construction and design of stupa and statue”

Wat Sai Khao sets 5 kms to the north of Phan city center, Chiang Rai Province, built in 1857 by local people (Por Nhan Ariya and Mae Mhong พ่อหนานอริยะ-แม่ม้ง) who hold a strong belief in Buddhism.  They immigranted from Ban Luang, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai and settled down near Sai Khao canal.  The name of the village is called Baan Huai Sai Khao.  Then in 1893, their children - Poh Auita and Mae AuiPor Ariyamang (พ่ออุ้ยตา-แม่อุ้ยป้อ อริยะมั่ง) donated their assets and re-located the temple to the present address.

Located approx 5 kms north of Phan district, Chiang Rai province. 

Wat Sai Khao Phan District


Phan District, Chiang Rai, 57120 Map

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