“(Temple), Wat Pak Nam Laem Sing, Laem Sing District, Chanthaburi, 22130”

The person who started to build Wat Pak Nam Laem Sing, Phra Plad Klum and Luang Wiset Sakda Chum around 1865 B.E.

Wat Pak Nam Laem Sing allowed to set up a temple When the 2442 B.E. and the first ubosot was built in the B.E. 2449 (1906) among all the abbots, Father Sun Thammasuwanno is the abbot that Laem Sing District people respect very much. He is a monk with powerful magic. Able to suppress France until he feared him during the time when he was the abbot His reputation and prestige is very well known.

Wat Pak Nam Laem Sing


Laem Sing District, Chanthaburi, 22130 Map

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