“Chao Pho Khun Sam Chon Shrine Pay homage to the governor of Chad”

San Jao Por Khun Sam Chon Located on the right of Highway 105 (Tak - Mae Sot) about 70-71 km. Completed the opening ceremony in late 1980. Inside the shrine is a miniature replica of a man sitting in a sitting position. According to history. I have a patient who is paralyzed for a long time. One day I dreamed that. Someone told me to build a shrine to King Khun Samphan, who was the governor of the province at present. The man who built the shrine, according to his dream. Since then, the symptoms have subsided and usually disappear. This makes the court very respectable.

San Jao Por Khun Sam Chon


Ban Huay Hin Fon, Maepa, Tak, 63110 Map

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