“White Elephant Corral An elephant sanctuary that was supposed to be built to capture white elephants.”

Kok Chang Puak Located at the foot of the west of Mae Sot. The shore of the Mei River in Tak province looks like a masonry wall. About 15 meters It is about 50 meters long. The Sukhothai period Currently,

the Fine Arts Department has registered as a historic site. It is said that the Sukhothai time is the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng. The monk said that the monk (Mon elephant) is a Mon people joined the government as a palace. Abduction of the daughter of King Ramkhamhaeng to escape the good girl. Later, it was established that God was the God of the earth. Tak is a suburb of Sukhothai. There is a rampant white elephant King Ramkhamhaeng. He performed the ceremony and risked praying. If the elephant rope is an elephant, merge the king of any city, then turn to that direction. End of prayer

The white elephant voiced crying along the west. King Ramkhamhaeng is immediately known as the white elephant of God. The soldiers will bring the message that will bring the elephant. The soldiers who follow the white elephant to the hillside, so they surround it. The elephant was given to God at this place.

Kok Chang Puak


TasaiLuad, Mae Sot, Tak 63110 Map

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