“(Temple), Wat Muay Tor Muang Mae Hong Son District, Muang Mae Hong Son District, Maehongson, 58000”

Wat Muay Tor It is the largest temple in Khun Yuen that is a Tai language. The relics. The temple is a temple that is sure to be on the 10th-15th day of the 12th month of the year. The Tai language is called Pung Lao forest. It is the largest annual event of the temple.

interesting thing

Mon Pagoda Mon It is a beautiful pagoda. The pagoda is surrounded by a pagoda. Top decorated with metal tiered. Hanging Bells Around
Even though the reservation was rebuilt in 1984, the location is behind the pagoda. Make when viewed from the entrance to the temple. You will see the panoramic view of the temple. The white pagoda is in the foreground. It has a large dark brown back stand, located in the back.

Wat Muay Tor Muang Mae Hong Son District


Muang Mae Hong Son District, Maehongson, 58000 Map

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