“Wat Ming Muang, see stucco works and paintings telling the story of Nan”

The temple was once an abandoned temple where the city pillar, made of 2 huge trunks, was found in the ruins of its vihara. Chao Anantaworaritthidej, the Nan ruler, established the temple around 1857 and named it ‘Wat Ming Muang’ after the name of the city pillar ‘Sao Ming Muang.’ The ubosot was pulled down in 1984 and the new one was constructed in the style of the contemporary Lanna architecture.

The outstanding features of the new ubosot include the fine carved relieves and sculptures, by Chiang Saen artists, on the outside of the building; the mural paintings, by contemporary local artists, depicting Nan people’s every life; and the 3-meter-high city pillar, standing in the pavilion in front of the ubosot. The city pillar’s base is wooden carved and decorated with gold leaves. The top of the pillar is carved in the image of 4-faced Brahma; each face is entitled Metta, Karuna, Mudita, and Upekkha respectively.  

Wat Ming Mueang Muang Nan District


Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000 Map

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