“Baan Ja Bo, view of the misty sea, Mae Hong Son”

Baan Ja Bo is located between Pai District and Mueang Mae Hong Son District on a high mountain. The surrounding area of ​​the village is a limestone mountain range. Both sides of the road are flanked by traditional hill-tribe style wooden houses. Eat noodles, sip coffee, watch the sea of ​​mist and the sun rise in the morning. It's a coffee noodle. The price is ten digits. That can see the view at a price of millions

The shop is open for tourists to come and take pictures and sit all the time with the popular photo corner sitting and hanging legs. Able to experience a simple traditional tribal way of life at Baan Cha Bo.

Thanks to pictures from Sompop Settamat from the group Khon Chob Tiew.

Homestay living with villagers The price will be 200 baht including food. In winter, reservations must be made in advance.

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