“Chao Por Wang Krom Shrine Baan Luang Prateung Khadi Wang Krot Railway Station Mit Banterntarn Cinema”

Wangkrod Old Market Located in Muang, Phichit. The terrain is the intersection of transportation by land and water. This is a very busy area in the trade.Then there are many changes. Transportation Trading system The economy is sluggish. Some shops closed or move to work outside the area ever. But there are still some stores that continue to operate.

Nowadays This is also a place. The story told in the past well. Through the architecture. The old wooden house. Or is it a different architecture that is unique. The equipment used in the past. Apart from this, there are also important places such as the Shrine of the Wang Palace. Baan Luang Prachao Litigation Wanganui Railway Station If you love the old town. Or visit the beautiful architecture with a unique. The Wang acid this is another one that is still charming to watch.

Thank you Pictures from: Yaya Kanlaya member of Kon Chob Tiew Group

Wangkrod Old Market


99XQ+GJC, Thetsaban 9 Road, Ban Bung Subdistrict, Mueang Phichit District, Phichit 66000 Map

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