“The walls of Phrae are built in Pangkor. Block the danger Outside the city north The flood is overflowing. Water erosion erosion. Scamper May flood the city. Water flows back to the canal. The wall is a protective zone. I'm not sure if this is the right place for you. It will be hard to compete. Ancient times Historical evidence National Treasure Do not Invade The wall is dignity. Moat point civilization”

Located in Phrae Municipality, Tambon Wiang, Amphoe Mueang Phrae, Phrae Province. It does not appear that the creation of any period. It is more than 1,100 years old, there is evidence from the temple that said, ".... 1374 Thao Phuephong son of the king. To occupy the city, the soldiers ordered Khun Vishnu Wangchai. As a mother, the monastery was restored. There is a golden God over the moon. Extend the wall to the wall. Masonry to rise to prevent flooding Yum River flood. Then celebrate the 5 days 5 nights ... "Show that the city walls were built before the general characteristics of the wall is a single wall. Height about 7 meters, width_ of the base of the wall about 15 meters long around the city. The shape is like a conch shell. It is about 4,000 meters long. The interior walls are large ancient brick and stone lined. From the outside, there will be a mound with four gates, including the new gate north. The triumphal arch is in the east. The Devil's Gate is on the south side and Sri Chum Gate In the west From the Sri Chum Gate before reaching the new door about 200 meters, there will be a small door. To bring the animals out to the city called horse gates. All the gates are fortified. Next to the wall to the outside, the ditch is about 20 meters wide, while the wall around the road. Some of the roads are on Sankampaeng, including the west side road from Sri Chum to the new gate. The present evidence shows that the city walls are clearly visible and complete. Help prevent flooding in the city as long as today. Although some are intersecting, cut into roads. And some houses are built. At present, the villagers call the moat "city" or "water is" and called the city wall as "cloud" route into the wall of the city of Phrae. Route 2, Ban Mai Road, enter the new gate. Route 3, enter the third intersection of the house in Vientiane, Gate 4, enter the house of Suphan and Maho Pho crossing the Yom River bridge entrance Sri Chum on January 24, 2005. Help to clear the forest, found a large tree, mango cover up like a sleeping umbrella. Homegrown Faith Help renovate. Repair and beautiful. And it was renamed Purple Temple. Later, found the gold plate inscription of the name of Phrapa, so it was known that the temple was originally known as Wat Phra Non and Wat Phra That temple was built in the ninth month over the fifteenth night. The inscription on the gold plate and the master. The president of the great temple is Luang Por Mongkol Thipanee, but there is no evidence of the creation, but only the letter. Write down that the temple is a historic temple. But for a long time, respectable. The name of the bed before the old generation after hearing. I am proud of the inheritance forever. This is a parable.

Phrae Wall


Nai Wiang, Mueang Phrae District, Phrae 54000 Map

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