Baan Wong Buri is the house of Luang Pong Piboon who descendants of the former governor of Phrae and Chao Sunundra Wong Buri Daughter of Chao Buri construction in 1897.


The building is a two-tiered Thai style house. Gingerbread house decoration Built by Cantonese craftsmen. Wooden carvings decorate the house. This building is a sculptured wooden carved gable, balcony, air duct, water, windows and doors. At the front door is a goat stucco, which is represented by Luang Pongpiboon and Maejun Sunanta, a snake born in the year of the goat in the house, decorated with old appliances of the family include furniture, silverware, pottery, important documents such as slave trading documents, etc. Baan Wong Buri Received the Outstanding Conservation Award in 1993 of the Association of Siamese Architects. Under the Royal Patronage.

Open daily from 9am - 5pm.

Baan Wong Buri


50 คำลือ ต. ในเวียง อ.เมืองแพร่ จ.แพร่ 54000 Map

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