“visitors is Pha Tak Suea, a viewpoint cliff where the scenery of the vast Mekong River that borders the two countries ”

Wat Pa Tak Suea is situated at 550 meters above mean sea level on Khao Phu Phan Noi in Tambon Pha Tang. Formerly known as "Wat Tham Phra", the temple was first built as a place for monks to practise Dhamma, meditation, and perseverance. At that time, walking down the hill for a morning alms round was rather difficult. So, villagers joined hands to construct a road up the hill , as well as a temple to be a religious place of worship. In 2007, the Buddha's relics were enshrined here for Buddhists to pay respect.

The temple has verdant natural surroundings, with walkway along the cliff face to enjoy the natural scenery and Naga staircase leading up to the mountain where a cruciform ordination hall is situated. Inside is enshirined the principal image of the Buddha seated in a meditation postures surronded by other images in various postures. the ceiling features fine paintings depicting the Life of the Load Buddha including his Brith, Enlinghtenmet, Frist Sermoon, and Nibbana. A chedi was built here to enshrine the relics and ashes of monk masters including those of Luangpu Man.

Another highlight that has made this temple attract a lot of visitors is Pha Tak Suea, a viewpoint cliff where the scenery of the vast Mekong River that borders the two countries can be admired. A skywalk with a strong and durable 4-cm. Thick temered laminated glass floor attached to the rock foundation of the cliff and jutting out 6 metres from the cliff face has recently been constructed. The 15-metre glass floor supported by rustproof steel framework and flanked with glass walls, with a carrying capacity of approximately 20 persons or about 2,500 kilometers. Before getting onto the skywalk, there is a signboard informing visitors about the regulations to follow. For enquiries, contact the Pha Tang Subdistrict Administration Organization at Tel: 0 4221 4855.

open daily from : 06.00 AM - 6.00 PM

Wat Pha Tak Suea


ตำบล ผาตั้ง อำเภอ สังคม หนองคาย 43160 Map

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