“Baan termsuk, cheap accommodation in Sangkom, Nongkhai”

Baan Termsuk is a homestay style accommodation in kaeng kai subdistrict, sangkhom district, nong khai province. There are 2 rooms in total, a room with a view of the maekong river and a room with a view of the street. The accommodation is decorated in a modern style, with white and cream tones giving a warm, relaxing feeling.

Inside facilities there is an ensuite bathroom, sofa, shower with water heater system, bed, tv, bathtub, refrigerator with 2 bottles of water, dressing table, clothes rack, and air conditioning. There is also a balcony and parking outside.

The accommodation is also close to important places. Pha tak suea temple 19 kilometers, gas station 1.3 kilometers and close to highway 2376 about 1 kilometer.

Baan Termsuk


75 Moo 3, T. Kaeng Kai, A. Sangkom Map

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