“(Temple), Wat Si Pan Ton, Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000”

If you come along Highway 101, when you reach Nan city, you will see the temple is majestic with gilded ornaments. The roof is a symbol of the Golden Jubilee 50 years of the stairs to the church on both sides of the seven serpent. But there is another thing to watch. The longest racetrack in Nan and the history of Nan that convey the easy understanding.

Interesting thing

The boat "Lert Kiatisak" or "Phaya Khee", which is stored in the shipyard in front of the temple. Headman of Si Pan Ton Village asked to buy a large stick from the villagers Don Piang. Then hire a technician to dig into the boat race of Si Pan Ton Village. And built around the year 2004, the boat is a serpent. It is the longest race of Nan.

The painting tell about the history of Nan. From the Phu Kha Dynasty, where Nan was founded until the end of the reign.

Wat Si Pan Ton


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