“(Temple), Wat San Pa Yang Luang, Muang Lamphun District, Lamphun, 51000”

Way, San Pa Yang Luang Located in San Pa Yang Luang Village, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lamphun Province, is an old temple. It was originally a religious place of Brahmanism. At present, there are also carved sandstones that can be seen as historical evidence. Later, in an era There were three Maha Thera monks from Burma, namely Phra Phanthawo, Phra Sophono, Phra Ututmo, who traveled to spread Buddhism in this area. And preaching Dharma to please the villagers in this areaWhich accepts the shrine until the villagers have faith, therefore united to change the shrine to be a temple Buddhism in the year 1074 and was called in those days that "Wat Khmer Speaker" according to the beliefs of the neighborhood community, most of which are Khmer people. This temple is regarded as the first Buddhist temple in the land of Lanna. When the temple was established, the villagers urged Phra Panthavo to be the abbot of Ong Nak. And built a pagoda By bringing the relics in the middle of the head of the apostles, Phra Moggallana with Phra Sariputra to enshrine Refers to the time when Phra Nang Chamthewi came to build the city of Hariphunchai. And ruled the city as the first king of Hariphunchai (Lamphun Province) around 1202 B.E. Her Majesty has completely restored the temple of Lamphun. Called the new name Wat Ah Phatthanaram Forest of Yang Luang Forest At this temple, Phra Rang is used as a meditation place.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang


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