“Climate The country's agricultural limestone and igneous rocks. Consists of forest types including pine oil,it was raw and dry mixed deciduous dipterocarp origin Mae paste. the tricolor jewel orchids in Thailand National Park include gorals, Muliacus Muntjak, bears, fishing cats, mouse deer, masked palm civets, wild rabbits, wild boars, monkeys, slow loris, mongooses, porcupines, squirrels, tree shrews, rats, etc. ”

The National Park has the tropical weather condition, i.e., summer is the longest period of the year. The weather is rather hot in summer and cold in winter. And there are frequent, short rains in the rainy season.

Other attractions such as the Huai Pong, about 2 km away from the office to be able to swim Waterfall Khun Pha Lai Pueblo's Doi Tone Cave Mae Tian Waterfall, emerald water, the hot mom Innocence Waterfall Khun Mae Mohamud. Win a waterfall and cave, Grasshopper and Trail is organized.

Opkhan National Park


Opkhan National Park, Nam Phare, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Map

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