“Walking point for snorkeling, Koh Kra, Koh Rang, Koh Khlum, Koh Laoya, homestay, cheap price, fishing community, cheap seafood and fresh from fishing boats”

Bang Bao Fishery Village Is located in Tambon Koh Chang Tai. West side of Koh Chang It is about 25 kilometers from Dan Kao Pier. The road is concrete and runs along the mountainside.After passing Bailan Bay Both sides of the road are filled with coconut plantations. Go straight to Wat Bang Bao then turn right about 500 m.It's a steep uphill road. From this point, Bang Bao village can be seen in the middle of the water. You can hire a long-tailed boat to take you to the islands.

Ban Bang Bao is an old and interesting fishing community. In addition to the outstanding location in the middle of the water It is also a source of shrimp paste. Which is a famous product of Koh Chang.At present, Ban Bang Bao has 67 households It has a population of about 250 people.

Open everyday time: 07.00 AM. - 04.30 PM 

Can travel every day a community source, And there are homestay's and cheap seafood restaurants.

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