“ Pier to Koh Jum, Koh Poo, Koh Sri Boya ”

Laem Kruad Pier is a small pier, located at Amphoe Neua Khlong, around 40 kilometers in the south from Krabi town, there are motorboats from Laem Kruad Pier to Koh Jum twice a day at 12.00 am and 03.00 pm. In this pier Koh Poo, Koh Sri Boya have also a trip.

  • Alternatively, it is actually more convenient to get to Koh Jum from Khlong Ji Lard Pier, but the boat will leave only in the morning.  Due to monsoon season, it normally operates only in high season (Nov to April). You should properly check before setting a plan.
  • As such, only one choice in the other seasons (May to Oct), you can only get there by boarding the boat from Laem Kruad Pier.

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