“- Wide and long beaches along the seashore. Takua Pa city- Khao Lak National Park has many beautiful waterfalls and beaches.- Close to the pier. Similan Islands.”

Khao Lak National Park Office, lies a stony beach with rocks and boulders of all sizes strewn all over the beach. The beach is sandy, wide, not much long, clean and good to swim. North of the beach is a Khao Lak mountain and south is the pier to Similan National Park.

This place is very popular since this is the departure point of scuba diving, the quiet, up-scale, secluded coastal resorts; uncrowded beaches; family-friendly nighttime environment and provincial ordinances that prohibit structures taller than the height_ of a coconut palm tree, keeping Khao Lak down to earth.

There are many things to do here aside from scuba diving, there are also waterfalls you can see at the Khao Lak park which is well preseved and not congested or polluted the fertility, the natural beuty of still remain. 

Travel to khaolak :

From Amphoe Takua Pa 25 kilometers route number 4 (line Thai Mueang Takua Pa) turn left at Km 56-57 before entering the area. Amphoe Thai Mueang the name of a mountain is Khao Lak. Khao Lak Shrine is located on the opposite side of Khao Lak

Khao Lak


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