ชมอุทยานฯ น่าเที่ยว ทั่วประเทศ

This national park offers a breathtaking view of the natural scenery of a steep river valley amidst scenic mountains and teak forests. It is about 105 kilometers from Chiang Mai town on Highway 108.... read more
Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, the superb landscaped national park covers an area of 262 square kilometres.  This national park consists of verdant forests and mountain ranges.
The Park has interesting attractions is a mountain located in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. It is 1,676 m tall and is one of the twin peaks of a granite mountain located west of Chiang Mai.
Some hiking t...
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the roof of Thailand,is located in the Thanon Thong Chai Range, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand.It includes Doi Inthanon, the country's highest mountain. Established in 1972, is 482 square kilometres (186 sq mi) in size.There are a number of waterfalls such as the Mae Klang Falls, Wachiratan Falls, Siriphum Falls, and Mae Ya Falls.... read more
Huai Nam Dang National Park is situated on top of the ridge of hills and the same range as Chiang Dao mountain range. The highest peak-Doi Chang peak (at 1,962 metres above sea level) is the vital source of important streams which flow into the Pai river, Ping river, and Taeng river.... read more
11 kms from Doi Mae Ukor (Bua Tong Field) to the great waterfall, Mae Surin. Road is narrow, steep and tortuous. On the top of hill which you may park and walk a bit to appreciate the beauty of the waterfall.  The other spot, you have to walk down to the lowest level about 3 kms or 1 hour. You will so exhausted about 3 hours on trekking up and down like I did. However, it's worth when you sta... read more
A major place for relaxation in Lampang is the Chae Son National Park, which is located in Mueang Pan district area. It can be reached by taking Highway No.1035 taking a left turn at Km. 59. A further 17 kilometre is a lush forested and mountainous region with a 73-Celsius hot spring over rocky terrain, providing a misty and picturesque scene particularly in the morning. There are bathing faciliti... read more
Doi Pha Klong National Park Located in Amphoe Long Muang, Amphoe Muang and Amphoe Phrae in Phrae. Some of the mountainous terrain has a rocky outcrop of natural limestone cliffs.
The natural beauty of the rock garden is a great rock formations, which come from the natural complex. The atmosphere is cool. At present, there are many visitors. Doi Pha Klong is unique. A source of water....
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This has a total area fo 213 square kilometers. It covers areas in Amphoe Si Satchanalai and Amphoe Thung Saliam of Sukhothai Province. It was proclaimed a national park on 8 May, 1981. The Park's geography is mainly high, undulating mountains covered by a tropical jungle. Interesting tourist spots in the park include Tat Dao and Tat Duan Waterfalls, about 3 kilometers and 500 meters from the park... read more
White water rafting It is a popular activity of Maeklong National Park. Located in Maesok Shadow House, Mae Sot is a perfect waterway for rafting. The two sides are still in good condition. It is also suitable for those who like sports fishing. The distance from the district, including the car to the water to Ban Sop Moei, about 35 km.
The river is a great river, which is very clear. Especially in...
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Against a backdrop of high mountain ranges is the Savannah-type grassland of Thung Salaeng Luang. Covering an area of 16 square kilometres, the park is naturally endowed with pine trees and wild flowers which blossom in virgin jungles. The park’s mountain ranges are watersheds of several streams which are a source of the famous Maenam Nan. Its area spreads across Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provi... read more
Si Nan National Park  is a national park in Thailand's Nan Province. This mountainous park is home to steep cliffs and a long section of the Nan River.
Si Nan National Park It covers an area of ​​583,750 rai or 934 square kilometers. Covers the district. In Nan Province, there are Wiang Sa Na and Na Ngan, a high mountain complex in the north-south direction. Doi ...
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Khun Sathan National Park covers the area of Nanoi and Namuen district. It was established as a national park about ten years ago From this reason, it may be not so well-known to tourists. However, the scenery of this national park is not less beautiful than others. The office of the national park is set on “Doi Mae Chok”. This Doi Mae Chok is also the view point for watching the sea o... read more
Phu Kha National Park is in a high mountain range in Amphoe Pua, Amphoe Bo Klua and Amphoe Mae Charim in Nan.The apex of Doi Phu Kha is 1,980 meters above sea level.The park has a lovely scenery and various trees and plants in abundance.Furthermore, there are several nice waterfalls and caves such as Ton Tong Waterfall and Pha Khong Cave, ideal for natrue lovers.... read more
The Khun Than mountain range of the Doi Khun Than National Park forms a natural boundary between Lamphun and Lampang provinces. The northern rail line to Chiang Mai runs through the longest rail tunnel in the country, which is 1,352 metres long and takes five minutes to traverse. The mountain has both virgin jungle and pinery.
Many tourists choose to walk from the Khun Than Station up the mountain...
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Phu Rua, literally meaning mountain of ship, is s peak in the mountain range in Amphoe Phu Ruea. As its name in Thai indicates, Phu Ruea resembles a big junk and the plateau atop the peak looks like the junk’s belly. Phu Ruea National Park covers an area of about 75,525 rai in the districts of Phu Ruea and Tha Li. Its highest peak reaches the altitude of about 1,365 meters above... read more
Phu Kradueng is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand, thanks to its unspoiled environment, diverse ecological systems and geographical features, incorporating grasslands, coniferous woodlands, evergreen forests, waterfalls and viewpoints. In the winter, especially during New Year holidays, Phu Kradueng has become crowded with the thousands of tourists. Phu Kradueng is a... read more
The Khlong Lan National Park covers an area of some 300 square kilometres over mountain ranges to the west of the province. The highest peak is about 1,400 metres. Of mainly virgin jungles, it is the source of several streams which flow into the Ping River.
The park headquarters is near the Khlong Lan waterfall about 60 kilometres from town on the route to Khlong Lan district (highway no.1117). At...
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This national park can be reached via the Bangkok-Saraburi-Chai Badan route, then connecting to Highway No. 205 (Chai Badan-Thep Sathit-Chaiyaphum). Then take a left-hand road just before the district for 29 kilometres. The park is littered with large rocks of unusual shapes, some resembling a nail, a serpent’s head and an ancient castle. In the early part of the rainy season in... read more
Thailand's second largest National Park, Khao Yai National Park covers an area of 2,168 square kilometers, of which some 25% is in Nakhon Nayok Province. The remaining areas are in parts of the neighboring provinces of Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Ratchasima.
Khao Yai was listed as the first National Park in Thailand on September 18, 1962. The highest peak in Khao Yai is Yod Khao Lae...
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The Tat Ton National Park covers some parts of Phu Laen Kha mountain range. To get there, take Highway No. 2051 for 21 kilometres. Tat Ton waterfall is an important tourist spot. The water here cascades down wide rock plateaus, creating breathtaking scenery, especially in the rainy season when there is plenty of water. The park also has Pha Iang waterfall, which is 32 kilometres from the city on t... read more
Phu Wiang National Park This national park always reminds tourists about dinosaurs. Indeed, nobody had formerly ever though the Isan plateau was once home of dinosaurs. Until 1976 when a uranium survey team discovered a piece of fossil, which was examined by French specialists and declared that it was a left knee bone of a dinosaur. After that, serious execration has never ended until now.On the h... read more
Mukdahan National Park (Phu Pha Thoep) is 17 kilometres from the city on the Mukdahan-Don Tan Road. To get to the park, turn right at the 14-15 km marker and drive for 2 kilometres. The park has an area of 48.5 square kilometres and consists mainly of many high mountains connected together like Phu Manorom, Phu Nang Hong, Phu Pha Thoep, Phu Tham Phra, Phu Lak Se, Phu Rang, Phu Pong, and Phu Kham M... read more
Pha Taem or Paiting Cliff. 'Taem' means 'paintings' while Pha means 'Cliff'.  Pha Taem is a large-size national park in the Ubon Ratchathani, covering Amphur Khong Jiam, Sri Muang Mai and Pho Sai. The 340-sq.km park is a wide variety of interesting scenery and activities.
It covers the Dipterocarp forest with Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Dipterocarpus obtusifollus are dominant specie...
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a total area 73,225 Rai area consists of 5732 mountains along the north and south, forests is dry evergreen forests most of the tree leaves mixed with the high are productive forests are Phrom Jordan nature between the Thai-Lao and animals found are serow, his dog in the falcon turtle, other places Waterfall คิ้ง Waterfall Tad Hueng elephant fell four rock direction viewpoint at 1255, etc.... read more
65 kms from Kanchanaburi along route 3199. this 220 sq.km. national park is the site of the 7-tiered Erawan waterfall, widely regarded as being one of Thailand's loveliest cascades. A mountainside forest setting includes dense bamboo groves which support numberous bird species. The park's other major attraction is the spectacular Phra That Cave which contains monumental stalagmites. Bungalow accom... read more
Khao Laem Ya Mu Koh Samet National Marine Park in 1981 the area known as Khao Laem Ya and the island of Koh Samet was designated as a nature reserve. It is an area of great natural beauty which is enganced by the tranquillity of the surroundings.
Khao Laem Ya is located about 6.4 kilometers from the fishing village of Ban Phe. Koh Samet, on which Sunthorn Phu, Thailand'greatest poet based his most...
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Kaeng Krachan is the biggest national park of Thailand spreading entirely over the Tanaosi mountain range and the West of Phetchaburi down to Hua Hin of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.  It is the origin source of 2 main rivers in this area: the Phetchaburi River and Pran Buri River.Kaeng Krachan is the source of a great ecological diversity.  There are several kinds of forest including dry... read more
This park is located 63 kms. South of Hua Hin. It occupies an area of 98 square kilometres with undulating range of lime stone mountains, mangrove swamps, and beaches. It is also home to various kinds of local and migrating birds, which are plentiful from november to February. With a large number of ridges, Khao Sam Roi Yot (or the mountain of 300 peaks) stands as a landmark for seamen and also pr... read more
This park is 22 kms. south of Prachup Khiri Khan, and another 3.5 kms. on an access road. It offers a 7-km. long beach lined with sea pine trees. For accommodation, contact Faculty of Forest Affairs, Kasetsart University, Tel: 579-0520.... read more
Having been announced in 1989, this National Park covers the total area of beaches and islands of 198,125 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai).The Parks Office is 21 kilometres from town. Using highway no.4001, turn right to Hat Sai Ri, then turn right again for 8 kilometres. The Tourist Information Center is connected with the wooden-bridge walkways for nature study of plant and animals. Visitors can travel by... read more
Comprising largely jungle with complex mountain ranges, the park contains a great deal of flora and fauna. Its cover by the evergreen forest mountai and jungle thyat surely you will enjoy your visitation on this place. It is a fantastic place to go on vacation. Elephant trekking, trekking on foot, canoeing and jeep safaris are all possible activities, which will give you the experience of a l... read more
Covering the areas of Amphoe Khura Buri and Amphoe Takua Pa and situated 100 kilometres from Phang-nga town, this park was established in honour of His Majesty the King on his 60th birthday anniversary. This forested piece of land is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. 
This park has fertile forest and wild life and on the hill is the headwater, feel the moist of evergreen f...
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Khao Lak National Park Office, lies a stony beach with rocks and boulders of all sizes strewn all over the beach. The beach is sandy, wide, not much long, clean and good to swim. North of the beach is a Khao Lak mountain and south is the pier to Similan National Park.
This place is very popular since this is the departure point of scuba diving, the quiet, up-scale, secluded coastal resorts; u...
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Mu Ko Similan National Park has been rated first by the U.S. publication Skin Diving of the top ten dive sites in the world. Also, it is appraised by the Skin-Diving Magazine of USA as one of the top ten islands having both surface and under water beautiful scenery.
The Similan Island in the heart of the Andaman Sea are indeed unparelled in their exotic beauty. If planning a visit, keep in mind th...
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Koh Kam Tok has a curve-shaped inlet where the park protection unit in charge of guarding and providing facilitation to tourists is located. To reach the island, it takes 20 minutes by boat from Ko Khang Khao.
This panoramic view of the island is one of the famous destination among the tourist and local since the view is quite different to other island. It is the area of white sandy beac...
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Ngao Waterfall is a big waterfall, which its whole stream cascades from a high mountains and pastures is visible from the resting area near the fall. Furthermore there is a new species of the freshwater crabs endemic to Thailand, found only in the area around Namtok Ngao.
This is one of the impressive waterfall in Thailand during the heavy rains the waterfall produce a hoaring sounds, the place al...
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Laem Son National Park, occupies the total area of 315 sq. kms. from Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Kapoe in Ranong province to Amphoe Khura Buri in Phangnga province, insluding the islands in Andaman Sea; Ko Kang Kao and Mu Ko Kam. The park office is situated on Hat Bang Ben, Mu 4, Tambon Muang Klang. From town, it can be reached by traveling along the Highway No. 4 (Ranong Phangnga) for 45 kms. and t... read more
The national park is located at the coastal of the country there are magnificent views and scenery above the water surface its abundant with forest wetlands and also the source of plenty aquatic propagation. This island filled with beautiful scenery and that's why it became a National Park.
This National park at this declared a National Park on 29 April 2524. The National park contains of man...
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Sirinat National Park are found on the exposed beach fronts, but the diversity of plant species and density is low. Birds including Magpie robin, Spotted dove, commom myna are found. Approximately 2 square kilometers of beach forest exists in the park. The Marine environment of Sirinath is quite diverse; the coral reefs in the bay are some of the most pristine found in Phuket province. The reefs a... read more
The torquise color of the water bring the diver to appriciate the underwater scenery aside from that there are still living animals at the island which is one of the tourist attraction.
If you are a diver you will most appreciate this place since it is one of the 10 best diving spot in the world you will enjoy watching the underwater living species and the beautidul coral reef that formed in thous...
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This park covers an area of 45,000 rai and was proclaimed as a national park area on April 14, 1986. Places of interest in the vicinity of this national park are:
Lam Pi Waterfall a medium-sized waterfall. There are about 6 floors, water throughout the year. Origin from Lampi Waterfall. Especially in the rainy season. People to travel relax a lot.Ton Phrai Waterfall Km area. 28-29. laterite road s...
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Than Bok Khorani National Park is made of several natural streams flowing down to basins of different sizes and at different levels, creating many small waterfalls. The water is emerald green reflecting the cool, green forest.
Than Bok Khorani National Park is one destination of ecotourism . It occupies a variety of attractions including natural trails, waterfalls, mangrove for...
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Koh Hong (Room Island) is part of a group of islands one hour north of Krabi. Koh Hong has only one beach - Pelay Beach - but it is recognized for being extremely beautiful, boasting fine white sand, coral and lots of varieties of tropical fish.
Pelay Beach is framed by limestone rock formations which give it an enclosed feel. Coupled with the fact that there are seldom many people there, Koh Hong...
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This marine national park covers the coastal area and other off-shore islands within the district territory of Amphoe Muang.  With white, clean stretches of beach and scenic coral reefs, it also offers numerous natural attractions such as the Hat Noppharat Thara beach, Hat Ao Nang beach, the Susan Hoi or Fossil Shell beach, the Phi-Phi island group and the Po Da island.
National Park are infl...
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Hat Khanom National Park - Koh Thale Tai National Park It is a marine national park in operation. To declare the establishment of a national park according to the law The first preliminary survey and data collection was conducted in 1990. Some lands of Khlong Thong, Khlong Reng, Pa Khao Ok, Khao Thong Nod, Khao Chai Son, Khlong Khanom, Khao Phaep Hai, Khao Wang, Pa. Khao Krot, Chaiya Khram Forest,... read more
Koh Phetra National Marine Park, Satun : The park is in the areas of two provinces: Satun and Trang. It consists of a long coastline from Amphoe Langu to Amphoe Thung Wa and several offshore islands such as Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lalobaentae, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon,Ko Laoliang, and Ko Perama.Boats to these islands are available from the Pak Bara Pier. Ko Kao Yai, the largest in the group, boasts se... read more
Thale Ban National Park The park has a number of waterfalls and caves, and the picturesque lake opposite park headquarters is a popular spot for picnics. 
Thale Ban is a fruitful place to go birding. Over 280 species have been confirmed there. This diversity in foliage provides different habitat for a large variety of birds including the rare Rhinoceros Hornbill, Masked Finfoot, Bat Hawk, Boo...
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Koh Tarutao the biggest island in the park where the park office is situated. The main island of Tarutao used to be a jail for convicts but now tourists can walk along trails to beaches and cliffs. The ruined prisons are found at Ao Talo Udang, on the southern tip of island and at Ao Talowao, on the middle of east coast. The island contains several bays including Ao Phante Malaka with a ... read more
There are so many reasons to visit Mu Koh Lanta National Park but to come here you have to think of transportation first. If you don't plan to drive around in the island a lot, it's not a problem as your resort can arrange a three-hour tour for you. It is worth staying for a few hours in the national park as the road to get here is bumpy.
Sunbathing and swimming should be included in your program ...
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Had Chao Mai National Park This area, which was proclaimed a marine national park on 14 October 1982, covers the 2 districts of Kantang and Sikao.In the national park, endangered dugong can be spotted along with rare black-necked stork. More common wildlife includes macaques, languors, wild pigs, pangolins, pacific-reef egrets, etc. 
For those aquatic lovers this place is for because lot of a...
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