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Kilkenny Castle was originally built by Strongbow as a wooden castle on that site overlooking the River Nore in 1172. For over 20 years later around in 1195, his son-in-law the Earl of Pembroke built the first stone castle. Three of this castle's original four towers survive today.
Kilkenny Castle sets in the heart of Kilkenny city used to control a fording-point of the River Nore and the jun...
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Dungarvan Castle (or King John's Norman Castle) is an Anglo-Norman fortification founded in 1185. by Prince John. It was built in a very strategic site at the mouth of the River Colligan.  It is one of the few royal castles built in Ireland in the 1200s.
During the Irish Civil War the barracks were taken by the IRA forces who set fire to it before leaving in August 1922. With the foundation o...
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King John's Castle dates back the construction in 1212 and took decades to complete. First to be built was the imposing two towerd gatehouse.  All the construction was under the control of the Master Mason who was not only architect and engineer but also responsible for the hiring and firing of trademen on the site.
By the 1500s the thriving city was home to 3,500 people and the port whi...
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Dunguaire Castle is situated outside the little village of Kinvara, about 300 metres on the coast road in the direction of Galway city.  This castle comprises of a 75 foot tower and defensive wall.  The restored tower house sits on a rocky outcrop on the shores of Galway Bay.
The castle was built in 1520 by the Hynes clan.  In the 17th century it was passed onto the Martyn...
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Set in the heart of Dublin city, Dublin Castle is presently owned and used by the Irish government for meetings and functions.
The Castle was the stronghold of British power in Ireland for more than 700 years, beginning with the Anglo-Norman fortress commissioned by King John in 1204. Only the Record Tower (1258) survives from the original; most of what you see was built from the 18th century...
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Carlow Castle sets on the eastern bank of the River Barrow. It is believed that William de Marshal, Earl of Pembroke and Lord of Leinster built in1207 to1213. Originally the castle was a rectangular block, containing the castle’s principal rooms protected by cylindrical towers at its corners. This castle was the very first of its kind in Ireland, a towered keep, where a huge r... read more