“Si Nan National Park Chom Pha Chu View Misty Sea”

Si Nan National Park  is a national park in Thailand's Nan Province. This mountainous park is home to steep cliffs and a long section of the Nan River.

Si Nan National Park It covers an area of ​​583,750 rai or 934 square kilometers. Covers the district. In Nan Province, there are Wiang Sa Na and Na Ngan, a high mountain complex in the north-south direction. Doi Kham is the highest peak. The water of the Nan River. It has many natural features (depending on the area) as deciduous forest and deciduous forest. Major wildlife is the peacock. Reptiles and amphibians, which are found in natural water sources.

The main attractions here are:

Mount Everest: There is a ridge on the ridge. Suitable for relaxing. A spot to watch the sea fog. Sunrise and sunset Can be seen around the direction. The view of the Nan River, the cliffs, houses and park offices. There is also a nature trail to walk.

Cliff Choo: It is characterized by large cliffs standing in the midst of lush mountains. The scenery and the Nan River along the lowlands and a beautiful view of the mist.

Cliff Hua Sing: A cliff. Always look up from the mountain to look like a lion sleeps. The highlight is the head of scenic view of the park around. A beautiful sunrise and sunset. And another point of fog.

Kok Tigers: Similar to the ground. But the tent is a hole deep down about 7 meters.

Kaeng Luang: It looks like a rock. Both small and large rocks scattered throughout the area. In front of the water is a sound of water flowing rocks. Drought will see the rock. Rocks with various shapes beautifully. And beaches clean

Pak Nai : The nature of the forest is flooded in Sirikit waters. Freshwater of the largest source of water. Beautiful scenery. Cruise to nature There are lodges for fishermen to visit and stay overnight.

Si Nan National Park


PO Box 14, Na Noi District, Nan, Thailand 55150 Map

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