“Khlong Lan Waterfall is a large waterfall. It flows down from the cliffs, 95 meters high and 40 meters wide and the bottom of the waterfall is a water play.”

The Khlong Lan National Park covers an area of some 300 square kilometres over mountain ranges to the west of the province. The highest peak is about 1,400 metres. Of mainly virgin jungles, it is the source of several streams which flow into the Ping River.

The park headquarters is near the Khlong Lan waterfall about 60 kilometres from town on the route to Khlong Lan district (highway no.1117). Attractions within the park include the 95-metre high Khlong Lan Fall with scenic surroundings, and the Khlong Nam Lai Fall, a 9-level cascade and located off Highway no.1117 at Km. 35 and 10 kilometres further on). The Kaeng Ko Roi (off Highway No.1117 at Pong Nam Ron intersection) is a group of rock formations jutting out of the stream looking somewhat like all islands. Visitors can camp overnight within the park.

Opening hours: 08.30 AM - 04.00 PM

Entrance fee to the national park: 40 baht per person, 30 baht per car

Accommodation : There are accommodations and places to dance.

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