“Thale Ban National Park is very close to the Malaysian border. It was declared a national park in October of 1980 and covers 102 square kilometers. The terrain is rugged mountains, forested limestone karst formations, marshland and a lush valley.”

Thale Ban National Park The park has a number of waterfalls and caves, and the picturesque lake opposite park headquarters is a popular spot for picnics. 

Thale Ban is a fruitful place to go birding. Over 280 species have been confirmed there. This diversity in foliage provides different habitat for a large variety of birds including the rare Rhinoceros Hornbill, Masked Finfoot, Bat Hawk, Booted Eagle, Crested Fireback Pheasant, Ferruginous Wood Partridge etc.

There are many species in this place that you will enjoy watching since this place is considered a National Park, there is still one more attraction in this place the seasonal raptors that fly oner the park, you can also dee in this place some endangered species. To all those who love forest and animal species this place is mader for you, you can do relaxation and picnic here just bring your family and friends do some memorable outing here in Thale Ban National Park and surely you will enjoy the place.

This park has some cottages to rent for you comfortable and coviniece outing the prize may vary depend on the size of the cottage.

  • Season: all year, Best Season: middle of December through March.
  • Highway No. 406 to the distance of 19 miles, turn right into Highway No. 4184 Highway 20 kilometers to the National Park Office.

Thale Ban National Park


P56C+592 Tambon Wang Prachan, Khuan Don District, Satun 91160 Map

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