“National Park, close to Laos border, renown of 3000-yr art paintings.”

Pha Taem or Paiting Cliff. 'Taem' means 'paintings' while Pha means 'Cliff'.  Pha Taem is a large-size national park in the Ubon Ratchathani, covering Amphur Khong Jiam, Sri Muang Mai and Pho Sai. The 340-sq.km park is a wide variety of interesting scenery and activities.

It covers the Dipterocarp forest with Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Dipterocarpus obtusifollus are dominant species and some beautiful flowers. It is notable for extensive rock art on cliffs above the Mekong river, which serves as a long natural border between the park and Loas providing some excellent views.

The art is estimated to be 3000 years old. The park also has several examples of Mushroom rocks as well as the largest flower field in Thailand.

It is also wildlife habitats for example Siamese hare, barking deer, civet, palm civet. And we can see wild pig and serow, which moved from Laos in summer.

  • Admission fee.
  • Car Park is available in a large space.
  • The park has a monsoonal climate with three distinct season; The rain (June-September), the cold (October-February) and the dry season (March-May). The park can be visited all year but be prepared for the chilly nights in the cold season and the occasional heavy thunderstorms in the rain season.

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