“Ko Pan Yi, Khao Ma Chu Ko Phanak Khao Phing Kan  Khao Tapu Ko Hong Tham Lot Khao Khian" or "Phapkhian Si Beautiful Island and magnificent stalagmite,stalactites. nice overlooking”

The national park is located at the coastal of the country there are magnificent views and scenery above the water surface its abundant with forest wetlands and also the source of plenty aquatic propagation. This island filled with beautiful scenery and that's why it became a National Park.

This National park at this declared a National Park on 29 April 2524. The National park contains of many island such as:

Ko Pan Yi is a small island. Have plains of approximately 1 rai. Have houses and about 200 homes. Most people. A career as fisherman. Selling souvenirs. And selling food to tourists. Has name of a local school. Ban Ko Pan Yi School. Most people Islam

- Khao Ma Chu is en route to go through the Ko Pan Yi is a Stone Mountain Similar to a squat dog See the Head. Body and tail.

- Ko Phanak is a beautiful island. Has a cave stalagmite stalactites and Has small waterfall, Tiers in the cave.

- Khao Tapu located in Amphoe Takua Thung. the reason for this name is because it is a broken Stone Mountain apart Stones smaller than scroll Sunk into ground. Upper part remains Leaning against each other. Behind Khao Phing Kan Has a beautiful views. Looking out to the sea to, "Khao Tapu" In the center of the water. Looks like a nail. Is the big top. Lower part Stuck with surface of the water is small.

- Ko Hong is a small mountain the intricate when sailed into then looked around its like a hall With two doors. Located in Phang Nga Bay. have Stalagmite and stalactite on the ceiling and beautiful caves.

- "Khao Khian" or "Phapkhian Si" is a bypass to to Ko pan yi the under wall has drawings of the animals various types. Department of Fine Arts had come studies already

Getting to watch. Ao Phang Nga National Park.
Can start from the province on Highway 4. Headed south to the Tambol Khok Kloi Through the town hall. away from the city about 8 km and turn left onto Highway 4144. Leads Ao Phang Nga National Park. Which Located 4 km away from the junction

Travelers can catch a bus from the province to the park. A distance of 7 km The Phang Nga Bay boat cruise have a boat tour out of ports as follows:

- "Port Tha Dan Sunlakakon", Near Phang Nga Bay Hotel. Has a tour boats in various sizes If you go in a large group.

- "Port Su Ra Kun" or "Port Ka Som" In Takua Thung District has ships for rent , seat around 21 to 30 people. Port in the area Ao Phang Nga National Park. Has speedboat and long-tailed boat available.

The time it takes travel to Ao Phang Nga National Park generally about 3 hours can be organized as a half-day tour. The national park Has bungalows and tents for tourists. They Have 5 units. For 4 people, 12 people. Price from 350 to 700 Baht And Tent. 200 Baht. Ask for details at Ao Phang Nga National Park. 80 Moo 1, Tambon Kohpanyi Amphoe Muang, Province Phangnga 82000 Call 076-412188, 076-411136

Ao Phangnga National Park


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