“Si Satchanalai National Park It looks like a large grass field. Has the source of the Tha Phae River There been natural attractions such as caves and waterfalls.”

This has a total area fo 213 square kilometers. It covers areas in Amphoe Si Satchanalai and Amphoe Thung Saliam of Sukhothai Province. It was proclaimed a national park on 8 May, 1981. The Park's geography is mainly high, undulating mountains covered by a tropical jungle. Interesting tourist spots in the park include Tat Dao and Tat Duan Waterfalls, about 3 kilometers and 500 meters from the park headquarters, respectively, The park also has a hot spring, Khangkhao Cave, and Thara Wasan Cave. The Si Satchanalai National Park can be reached by car. From Amphoe Si Satchanalai - Ban Kaeng - Huai Yuak route for 41 kilomters. Then 5 kilometers before the intersection to Ban Yuak, there is right-hand road which you take for another 2 kilometers to the park headquarters. The park has accommodation for tourists. For reservations, please contact the National Parks Division, Royal Forestry Department at Tel. 579-5734, 579-7223.

Si Satchanalai National Park


Si Satchanalai National Park Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai Province 64130 Map

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