“Ruins of the old city that you will amazed on jow the locals preserved the place. Old Town traces the prosperity of the Old Kingdom In the gold mines of tin.”

During the tourist season from November to April of each year. Subdistrict Municipality takua pa, conjunction with the talad yai community. The campaign for Sri Takua Pa Road are Takua Pa City street culture. By the participation of the community. The selling food , folk desserts such as Khanom ba,  A Pong,  Khanom Bueang,  Khanom Kho etc.

Takua Pa Old Town traces the prosperity of the Old Kingdom In the gold mines of tin. Seen from dwellings, Chinese stores in Sino-Portuguese. Area Udom Thara road and Si Takua Pa Road (Talat Yai) A Two layers commercial building, Similar buildings in Phuket. Patterned at Blowhole area and terrace and archway along the pathway in the front. Although current mining business be quit gone but these ancient buildings are still traces of the past remain.

Every Sunday between 14:00 to 18:00.

Call for more information, Contact Municipal takua pa city Tel. 076-424279.

Takua Pa Old Town


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