Cha-am is the most popular beach where tourist activities most abound, Hat Cha-am is a clean white beach of over 7 kilometers long. The middle area provides a variety of shops and recreations: water scooter, horse riding. The more tranquil atmosphere n the north and south of the beach provides outdoor leisurely pursuits such as sunbath, plunging in the natural environment and the locals’ coastal way of life.

Hat Cha-am took place after Hua Hin had been all taken up by the royalty and dignitary. A group of aristocrats led by H.R.H. Krom Phra Narathip Praphanphong pioneeringly had this sea-front mangrove wood cleared to build a new seaside village in 1921.  They built a route from the railway station to this beach (Thanon Narathip) and another road along the beach, north to Ban Pak Khlong Cha-am and south to Ban Nong Chaeng.  A cart-path (Thanon Chao Lai) was cut behind the sea-front plots of land.  The prince called the new village Sahakham Cha-am.

Off Phet Kasem Road on the way leading to Hat Cha-am, is the Monument of Prince Narathip at the tri-section just before the shore.  Along the beach, holiday-makers will find various accommodations at various tariffs. Explore the northernmost beach by the fish pier to try some nice seafood at reasonable prices at one of those sea-front restaurants.  You may as well shop all day long for fresh seafood to take home.  If that is not fresh enough to your favourite, be an early bird and come before 7a.m. to shop rights from the boats that come in daily.  You can buy fresh crabs from the fishermen themselves at the local fish pier on the beach between Nong-jaeng Rd. and Siam Cement’s guest house, between 5-10 am.everyday.  

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