“Doi Tai Lang is a stronghold of the Shan National Rescue Force (SSA) located in Shan State, Burma, opposite Ban Pang Kham, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son Province, with Shan people and soldiers led by Chao Yot Suek.”

Doi Tung Lang, the governor of Mae Hong Son Province, said that Doi Tung Lang is located in Pang Ma Pha District, Pang Ma District, Mae Hong Son Province, over 1,000 meters above sea level. Thailand Set up operating bases In the area of ​​Doi Lang Lang in Thailand are ready to travel the true way of life. It is about 56 kilometers from Pangkham. Doi Ta Lang Lang distance of about 8 kilometers. Yes, the rain season will require four-wheel drive vehicles at Doi Lang. You can see the strong state of the Thai national recovery.

Doi Tung Lang cold weather throughout the year. Beautiful or with Pang Ung village. Mae Hong Son town to visit tourists. But do not kidney tourists can travel throughout the year. Due to cold weather. It is a new tourist attraction of Mae Hong Son. For tourists like nature, the Uthai Victory, the commander of the 7th Infantry Division, Mae Hong Son said that the security is unlikely to be problematic. Doi Tung Lang on the Thai side, tourists can travel up.

For more information, please contact: TAT Mae Hong Son Office 053-612982-3

Doi Tai Lang


Ban Pang Kham, Pang Ma Par District, Mae Hong Son 58150 Map

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