“Wat Phra That Mae Yen has Chedi Mae Yen, a gathering of pagodas those who do not have to try it on the high hill on this hill.”

Wat Phra That Mae Yen It is an old temple in Pai city. Located on a low hill east of the city There are stairs to walk up to. There is no evidence that the relics were built in any period. But the appearance is traditional There are no fancy ornate patterns.Used to be in ruins and restored It is a white bell-shaped Chedi with a round base, approximately 3 m high, with a tiered top like a Burmese pagoda. Tourists climb 350 steps to reach the temple. Overlooking the entire city of Pai and the valley below

Many foreign travelers come here and climb up the long staircase to the temple because a lot of the backpacker huts are located in the valley below. The temple contains very graphic murals but offers a fine view over the Pai valley.

There is an interesting old Chedi at the temple and also murals that were painted by a local artist about the previous lives of the Buddha.

Travel all year round

For more information, please contact: TAT Mae Hong Son Office 053-612982-3

How to get there: From Pai District, take the Rat Damrong Road, cross the bridge over the Pai River for about 900 m., turn left to the temple entrance, turn further 350 m. to the temple area.

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