“the national park is located beside the riverbank - the Salawin river, residence of Karen villages”

Salawin National Park or Mae Sam Lap is a large Karen Village, located on Salawin Riverbank.  It is the center of traveling by boat in Salawin National Park.  This community has a temple, a school, and a few shops. 

The villagers' houses are all made of wood and dry banana leaves.

We recommend that you make a stroll around this village to learn Karen people's lifestyle for a short while, before taking a boat trip.

Just mention the name Salawin, adventures as well as travelers are thilled already. Salawin is the name of river, not so wide but great in the account. This river not only borders Thailand and Myanmar by Mar Sariang district and Mae La Noi Distrct in Mae Hong Son, but it also runs a long way from the water source in the mountain as high as 8,000 kilometers in Tibet past China and Myanmar. Its length in Thailand only is 120 kilometers.

Salawin is called by another name "Mae Mam Kong" Running past Mae La Noi District, it is in the area of Salawin Wildlife Sanctuary. Running to the south to Mae Sariang District and Sop Moei Distirct, it is in the area of Salawin National Park, which cover an area of 468,000 Rai (748.5 square kilometers) .

Accommodation for tourists: one lodging house for 10 people and camp ground for 20 people. That's all.

Salawin National Park


Mae Sarieng District, Mae Hong Son Map

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