“Yunnan Chinese Ho Village, Chinese Ho community, more than a thousand people, also known as Santichon Village sells tea, food, souvenirs and accommodation services.”

The Yunnan Chinese village, well known. The village of Santichol. Selling Chinese tea, Ong Lang smells aromatic, invite you to taste with tea cups, snacks, pickles and souvenirs.


This is the area that was once seen as red. The drug cartel of the red. There are more than a thousand people living in China. If you look at it, then you will find a house that is lined up. There are many souvenirs from China Yuanyuan. And the courtyard is a lawn and pathway. There is a large ancient stone located at the center of the courtyard of the Chinese Yunnanese pig house, and the dragon turned its head to the ground. The flag of Thailand is embroidered.

The restaurant closes around 7 p.m. Accommodation is available in earthen houses (7-8 houses).

How to get there: 4 km. from Pai District, 1 km. before Mo Paeng Waterfall, on the way to Wat Nam Hoo If we drive from Pai town will pass Pai Hospital After that, it will go straight up and will pass in front of Wat Hoo Mueang or Wat Nam Hoo. After driving for no more than 5 minutes, you will find the Yunnan Cultural Center Village on the left hand side.

For more information, please contact: TAT Mae Hong Son Office 053-612982-3

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