“Phrakhayang is a small cave. There is an old legend about the construction of Kra Buri.”

Phra Khayang Cave is a big cave and is An old legend links it to the establishment of Kra Buri town. Beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations can be seen and it is said that there is Lek Lai (a special iron element believed to be slastic and flexible like wax) in this cave too.

From the mouth of the cave is about 40 meters of stairs to the top. Sightseeing should prepare candles or carry a flashlight.  Inside the cave is quite humid. There are a lot of bats live and planted herbs, In addition, every year during Chinese New Year Festival will feature a gilded Buddha cave above the rubber eye for 3-7 days to allow the public to pay homage to the sacred.

  • Located in the area of Amphoe Kra Buri, at km. 564 on highway No. 4, 12 kms. form township area.

Phra Kayang Cave


8QG7+JVQ Tambon Lam Lam, Amphoe Kra Buri, Ranong 85110 Map

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