is located in the river, it is far from the district about 1 km or away from the province 83 kilometers along the highway 203, then turn right at Km.66 into the highway 2013, 15 km then turn right onto route 2113, 1 km Phrathat Sri Song Rak is reshaping like Phrathat Phanom have work to bow to great every year in the past months 6 is the people respect, in addition, the measure is also a Buddha image Nag beaver art Tibetan, built on November 2 Prof. completed when, in 2106 in the days when the land Princess Maha emperor of Krung Si Ayutthaya to be a faithful witness show the relationship of good manners between each other with God Chai ยเชษฐาธิ Royal of Krung Sri Sattanah Khonhut (Vientiane) history, the Phrathat Sri Song Rak Phrathat Sri Song Rak a chedi to start with a brick holding a limestone mountain base for a square and wide, each about 8 meters high around 32 meters away from the province, to the west about 1 kilometers and It is far from the province, to the west about 83 kilometers from the Lord Buddha chedi is located in the Wat Phrathat Sri Song Rak up the hill quote, it is a measure that is not a Buddhist monk to stay in the temple apart from the LORD Buddha Chedi, next to the northeast church 1 after the church, with the Buddha image Nag beaver 1; and Buddha other again, and next the LORD Buddha chedi to the west is a stone inscription 1 sheet, which were written a legend to create Phrathat Sri Song Rak, font Si Thammarat,

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