“This island compose of 3 beaches the Pattaya beach, Sunrise beach and the Sunset beach This 3 beach has stunningly view of the surrounding the white sand in the beach and the amenities in the beach.”

Koh Lipe is the south of Ko Adang. Ko Lipe is not under park control, and has become the main place to stay in this part of park. There is a coral reef along the southern side of the small island and several small beach coves. There are several styles of bungalow that operationed in the main village along the east coast and on the southern side of this island, Hat Pattaya. Hat Pattaya is the nicest of the two main beaches, as the one is front of the chao leh village, on the north-east side of the island.

In Pattaya beach there are many establishment that you will enjoy in the place there are bars and restaurant also the market os located at the Pattaya beach, there are the other 2 beach which is good of you want to skip in the crowded place its just a minutes walking away.

Sunrise beach is long white sand that is good for walking and feel the ambiance of the place, there are also establishment arise in this beach but not like in Pattaya, there are villagers also and cheap accomodation in this place.

Sunset beach in this place is the nicest to watch the sundown and thats the reason why it called Sunset beach, this place is a quiet place that surely you will enjoy the place especally to those vicitor looking for a quiet place, there are nippa hut and other bunggalows offer for staying but not like in the two beaches.

  • You can travel by plane from Malaysia to Koh Lipe
  • From Bangkok either Bus or Train going to Hat Yai 
  • The quickest way from Bangkok is to fly to Hat Yai, and travel onwards to Pak Barra, from where there daily ferries to Koh Lipe, all year around.

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