“Within the Pang Sida National Park, there is an interesting tourist attraction, namely Pang Sida Waterfall, which is about 700 meters from the park's office.”

Covering the area in Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Watthana Nakhon,Amphoe ta phraya of Sa Kaeo and Amphoe Na Di of Prachin Buri, the park occupies an area of 884 square kilometers or 527,500 Rai. It has been declared a national park on February 24, 1982. The photography area cinsists of complex highlands with various and diversified forests, and an abundant of wild and rare animals Tha area is the origin of many creeks which form the Bang Pakong River. The major attrctions in the park are:

Pang Sida National Park provides housing for others and places for camping and directly at P.O. Box at Pang Sida National Park. 55 Applicants, Space Sakaeo 27000, call (01) 947 5948 or the Crime Suppression Division. Royal Thai Police, Bangkok Tel. 561 4292 ext. 724 5, 579 7223, 579 5734

Pang Sida National Park


Khok Pi Khong, Mueang Sa Kaeo, Sa Kaeo, 27000 Map

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