“Crying pillar, large wooden pillar regarded as the goddess”

Sao Ronghai  is in Chao Mae Takhian Tong Shrine at Wat Sung, Tambon Sao Hai. It is located 500 meters from Sao Hai District Office. It is a large pillar, which is believed to be a female spirit because offerings people give to this pillar are all female items. According to legend, when Bangkok was built as the capital, there was a decree that the most beautiful pillars from all over the country would be taken to Bangkok for selection to find the City Pillar.

Saraburi sent a nearly perfect pillar by floating it down the Pa Sak River. However, it arrived just after the selection of another pillar was made and it was designated as a secondary pillar instead. If it had arrived in time, it would have been chosen as the city pillar because of its large size and unmatched beauty. The pillar became very sad and floated itself back to Saraburi where it later sank. Afterwards, villagers would report hearing crying sounds. Hence, the name of the Tambon as Tambon Sao Ronghai and its subsequent name of Amphoe Sao Hai.

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Sao Ronghai


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