“The Chaweng Beach has a reputation for a pristine white beach and an excellent nightlife infrastructure especially on the northern end of the beach.”

Chaweng Beach, Samui's biggest and most popular beach, is a paradise of young travelers and families alike. It features 7-long sandy beach and fascinating coral reef stretching along the coastline.

Each part of the beach offers different atmosphere. One wishing to stay in tranquility needs to go to northern Chaweng Beach. On the contrary, middle Chaweng Beach, the elbow of the bay, are always crowded while southern end of the beach is the ideal beach for swimming.

Not far from the beach, there are two small islands near the reef. After enjoying swimming, you can choose to explore the nearest one by walking through shallow water or go for snorkeling and kayaking at the second island which is further out and larger.

Chaweng is the cosmopolitan resort town which is full of accommodations, ranged from 200 - 10,000 bath, shops, bars, night-spots and restaurants. So you can enjoy activities both daytime and nighttime.

There are lots of souvenir shops around town. It is not uncommon for the shopkeepers to ask 5 times the normal tourist price particularly in the central areas.Bargaining is always possible when it comes to souvenir and souvenir-like products. Even when a price is indicated a discount up to 50% might be available.

Motorcycle taxis are ordinary motorbikes and you sit behind the driver during the ride. Depending on the distance, the price ranges from 30-150 Baht.

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