Phanom means mountain and Sawai means mango. Phanom Sawai, the closest forest to the province, is a small mountain covered with Mixed deciduous forest. Phanom Sawai was regarded as a pilgrimage site. On the 1st day of the waxing moon in April many people walk to the temple on the mountaintop to listen to the mountaintop to listen to the Buddhist doctrine and toa make merit. In front of the Forest Headquarters, there are a number of reservoirs and short trekking routes.

The first peak at the altitude of 210 meters, called Khao Chai or Phanom Pro, houses Wat Phanom Sawai. Phra Buddha Surinthara Mongkhon, the huge brick-and concrete Buddha statue in the posture of giving blessing, can be seen from far away. The second peak at the altitude of 228 meters is called Khao Ying or Phanom Sarai.

On the third peak, called Khao Khok or Phanom Krol, the Buddhist Society of Surin constructed a pavilion with eight porticos on the occasion of Rattanakosin Bicentennial Celebration. The replica of Buddha’s Footprint was moved from Khao Chai to be enshrined in this pavilion. Also located on this peak is the pagoda in memory of Phra Rat Wutthachan (Luang Pu Dun Adulo), in which his statue is enshrined.

Phanom Sawai National Forest



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