“Wan Chao NGO There are traces of an ancient city before the history of the Thai nation.”

Wiang Chao Ngo Historical Site Located at Thung Yang Subdistrict, Laplae District, Uttaradit Province The area where Wiang Chao Ngo is located is on the northwest side of the corner of Muang Thung Yang. It has an area of ​​approximately 129 rai 1 ngan 61 square wa or is about 800 meters east of Wat Phra Thaen Sila At.

The topography of Wiang Chao NGO is plain and laterite. Some parts are pure laterite. The north side connects with Nong Phra Lae and Nong Phra Thai, which are lowland areas. At present, some sections of the moat dug into laterite are very shallow. The wan Chao NGO has not yet been excavated for a more detailed study. How is the origin?

But although the Fine Arts Department has not excavated more, but there is a legend that has been passed on to each other that Wiang Chao NGO has the status of a royal city. As well as the city of Si Satchanalai in Sukhothai Province, which can be noticed from Phra Borommathat Muang Thung Yang in the past, there was a bush of Khao Bin But nowadays, it has been restored and restored to be a Clangka shape that covers the original shape in the reign of King Rama IV onwards.

former name Wiang Chao Ngo Wiang Thao Samon, Tri Somboon, Thungyang, Srinopphong, Kampochanakorn, Thammaban Nakhon, the nature of the city plan It is an egg-shaped city with a 3-tiered moat, the walls drilled down to the 3rd moat, surrounded by a moat (wall). The outer moat is made of laterite. The second floor is made of bricks. The third floor is made of laterite.

Antiques found

Stone bracelets, skeletons, bronze rings, stone rings, necklaces made of beads, antique beads, bronze beads, drums Raa Thuk Lawa drums, bronze plates, bronze knives, celadon crockery unglazed pottery Glazed pottery

Archaeological site discovered

Holy well Or 18 wells of tip, Wat Phra Boromathat Thungyang, 3-storey old town moat, traveling along Highway 102 for about 3 kilometers, see the signpost for Wiang Chao NGO on the right hand side. Safe travel

The moat on the side of the ridge was destroyed by the people. The area around the inner moat and inside the moat were overgrown with trees and grass. Some parts of the area in Wiang Chao Ngo area are occupied by the people who grow crops for their livelihood. Although it is an area that the Fine Arts Department has registered as a historical site, but there is no one responsible for closely monitoring it, it will deteriorate day by day.

Wiang Chao Ngo


Thung Yang Subdistrict, Laplae District, Uttaradit Province 53130 Map

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