“Chao Fah Ham Kuman Monument It is a monument of the first king who ruled Laplae City.”

Prince Ham, son of King Ruangthaithirat The king of the Yonok Nakhon region in Chiang Saen was graciously pleased to rule over the secret city. His Highness ruled over the people's cards to create peace and happiness throughout and protect the border to escape from the dangers of the Kamphochanakorn (Khmer) rampage.

Mr. Sompath Saophaiboon in Laplae District along with government officials, merchants and people set up the statue. And monuments for worship In his virtues, the foundation stone was laid on December 19, 1983.

In the reign of King Rama V in 1901, he visited a secret place and saw the suffering of the villagers. Therefore, built a royal dam where Phra Si Phanom Mat was under the royal patronage Two check dams were built, namely the Loan Weir and the Royal Weir, which are regarded as the first check dams in Thailand. For use in agriculture Fa Luang is a name that reminds of His Majesty's kindness and devotion to His Majesty. So the villagers called Tambon Fa Luang Monument, built for Remembering the ancestors of Mueang Laplae On the hill behind the monument, there is a way up to a viewpoint that offers a spectacular view of Laplae City.

Chao Fah Ham Kuman Monument


Moo 7, Ban Thong Laplae, Fai Luang Subdistrict, Laplae District, Uttaradit Province Map

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