“The old pagoda of the temple and Buddha statue in Sukhothai art”

The pagoda houses the Buddha's relics. (Currently, the Fine Arts Department under the Ministry of Culture has been registered as a historical site) and in the past, for thousands of years, this pagoda has deteriorated over time. But nowadays, this pagoda has been restored until it is in its original condition in all respects.

History of Wat Chedi Khiri Wihan

Wat Chedi Khiri Wihan was formerly known as Wat Pa Kaew. Built around the year 1519 while Prince Ham Kuman rule the secret city His Highness was deeply interested in Buddhism and had the idea to build a pagoda. To propagate, nurture, promote Upholding Buddhism, he went to see King Ruangthirat. The king of yonok says goodbye to share the Buddha's relics from Phra That Doi Tung Chiang Rai Brought to be packed at the pagoda of Wat Pa Kaew. (Wat Chedi Khiri Wihan at present)

This pagoda is the first pagoda. Of Laplae District containing the relics of the Lord Buddha (Nowadays, the Fine Arts Department has registered) and the elders told me that to the holy day There will always be bright lights rising above the pagoda. As time passed for a long time, the building became deteriorated, Wat Pa Kaeo became an abandoned temple. The pagoda was damaged by the year 1910 Somdet Phra Maha Samanachao Krom Phraya Yaw Chirayanwarorot traveled to the north Came to sit at Wat Thung Yang, which is not too far from Wat Pa Kaeo The abbot of Wat Thung Eiang at that time was in the position of entering the municipal faculty of Phichai that “Is that a temple or what? Saw an old pagoda. The villagers call it Wat Pa Kaew. "Somdej Phra Maha Samana Chao Krom Phraya ChirayanwarorotSo said to Phra Khru Thamthitiwong Khiri Khet that “The deserted temple is in a good location. It's on a hill that's not very high. Along with an old Chedi must be an important temple He was the dean of the city of Phichai District. Should be renovated and relocated there If you go to restore and actually go to live I will rename the temple "Wat Chedi Khiri Wihan"

Wat Chedi Khiri Wihan


National Highway No. 1043, Fai Luang Subdistrict, Laplae District, Uttaradit Province 53130 Map

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