“Freshwater ponds middle of the sea when reduce Sea water, water in the pond became fresh water. This Holy well is miraculous according to the locals they believe that there is a therapeutis effect to them.”

Pond or Tanam Phut from the ground Rim seashore near the mangroves at An Pao village on Koh Yao Noi. See a miracle, It is a basin fresh water while surrounding area is a sea (saltwater). Villagers has brought a stone surrounded in a circle.  Are all three Bo is Bo Pho,  Bo Mae,  and Bo Luk are close to each other.

The locals believe that the holy well is miraculous there is a rumor that one man came soak and drink to the holy well and suddently all his pain was cured and he recovered. 

Travel : need to look at that sea water drops to be able to catch that fresh water. Routes Koh Yao Noi along the seashore West Coast road.  Way to Ban An Pao has ladder concrete walk down to mangrove forests are found it traverses seaside to the right about 50 meters. Notice the rocks surrounding the pond (as shown).

Holiday throughout the year.

Holy Spring Water


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