Yao Yai and Yao Noi Islands

I left from Bangrong Pier (Phuket town), by a speed boat in the early morning. The boat will drop some passengers at Koh Yao (Yao Yai island) for a couple minutes then move to Koh Yao Noi which was my destination. I dropped at Manoh Pier (the main pier of Koh Yao Noi). Unless you have a big luggage, I'd suggest you hire a motorbike at the pier and you will return it here.

I stayed at Koh Yao Island Resort for a night. This is a perfect resort for the natural lover, situated right by the beach, offering a breathtaking sea view from your own bungalow. it looked quite a bit luxury and the price seemed a little high but worth of money. Find more here: http://www.choowap.co.th/hotel/koyao-island

After checking in, I hire a motorbike for 2 days to explore all about this island immediately. Pasai Beach (Hat Pa Sai) is the nearest beach, next to the resort downwards. Saibai Corner restaurant looked interesting, In the evening I should try a dinner here. Then I rode at Monoh Pier. Boatman helped shift my motorbike into a long-tailed boat so that run to the other island - Koh Yao Yai. It's amazing, never tried such an experience before.

On Koh Yao Yai, I passed a Muslim school, local restaurant, a fresh market. It's good to buy some drink and have a lunch here. On the way to the southernmost beach, you may see many typical rice paddies grown by human and water buffaloes. You may find the traditional Southern Thai houses, "Panya".

I started exploring Lo Pa Raet Bay and Klong Son Bay in Koh Yao Yai. Find their details in the links below. Then, I moved back to the resort, Koh Yao Noi, Taking an hour to trek the "Mangrove Planting" nearby, learn natural lives of plants, hermit crabs, Mudskipper (Amphibious fish), fiddler crabs, etc. My 1st day was ended at Saibai Corner Restaurant, as planed.

Unexpectedly and surprisingly before breakfast, a group of horn bills fled over my bungalows and waked me up. Hotel staff said, every day in the early morning, all hotel guests could find them eating seeds of the Banyan trees. Horn Bills in Koh Yao, http://www.gplace.com/pic/24202

I return the motorbiked and took 'Songtaew' minibus to the north of Koh Yao Noi. Thakao Beach & Koh Nok, local piers (who arrive from Krabi), fisherman villages, and in the Northwest - Holy spring water in the sea which hardly to find unless you came with the local car-driver. Having a lunch in the paddy field at Pradoo Seafood restaurant, before leaving the island.

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Koyao Island Resort is a luxurious 4 star resorts, situated right by Pasai beach, in Yao Noi island, Phang-nga province. You may ride a speed boat for only 40 mins from Bang Rong Pier, Phuket town. Pickup is also available subject to advance booking with a fee.
Room types are categorized into sea breeze studio, beach villa, beach villa suite, family beach villa and private beach lodge. T...
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situated 7 kilometres from the District Office on Ko Yao Noi. This white sandy beach is covered with shady trees. From Hat Pa Sai, a scenic view of the islands of Krabi province can be seen in the distance.
this tropical island is good for swimming and also good for adventure for those who love biking bring bike and try to bike in this place and surely you will enjoy your biking.
this white long w...
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features a long stretch of a white sandy beach teeming with groves of coconut trees. To the north of the bay is a cape with a beautiful rock formation and the water around the cape is suitable for swimming.
This white sandy beach is good for sunbathing also there are other activities that you can do at the place such ad kayakking and canoeing, you will enjoy your exploration to this place.
On the ...
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this beach offers a fine, white sandy and shady pine trees to all the tourist they can relax. they also have a acticities in the place like swimming in the torquoise water, snorkling to see the beautiful coral reefs in the place.
On the left side of the beach you can walk freely in the multi-color pebbles. another thing you can do is during the low tide season you can pick some of the shell for yo...
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Tha Khao beach has beach sand mixed of pebbles which is not suitable for swim. Rent a canoe in the vicinity paddles suring high tide and during low tide walking and sightseeing is better, it Has a beautiful scenery. The background is a forest islets a line of troops.
Koh Nok the small island is adjacent to tha khao beach. Wild orchid on the island. big trees that brings refreshment and the atmosph...
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Pond or Tanam Phut from the ground Rim seashore near the mangroves at An Pao village on Koh Yao Noi. See a miracle, It is a basin fresh water while surrounding area is a sea (saltwater). Villagers has brought a stone surrounded in a circle.  Are all three Bo is Bo Pho,  Bo Mae,  and Bo Luk are close to each other.
The locals believe that the holy well is miraculous there is a rumor ...
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