“White sandy beaches shaded by pine trees and the multi-color pebbles. Activities such as kayakking, canoeing, snorkling, is available at the beach. Walk freely to the multi-color pebbles and pick some shells during low tide season. This bay can be swim in the sea and coral viewing”

this beach offers a fine, white sandy and shady pine trees to all the tourist they can relax. they also have a acticities in the place like swimming in the torquoise water, snorkling to see the beautiful coral reefs in the place.

On the left side of the beach you can walk freely in the multi-color pebbles. another thing you can do is during the low tide season you can pick some of the shell for your souviniers for your collections.

there are also offering some kayakking and canoeing for you to enjoy the place. this is a favourite place of lodging because of the natural surrounding beauty, there are some accomodation and establishments at the place.

Most visitors come to Amphoe Laem Ngob where there are 3 piers namely Laem Ngob and Ko Chang Centre Point, offering daily boat services to islands such as Ko Mak, Ko Wai, and Ko Kham.

Ao Khlong Son


Ko Yao Yai, Ko Yao, Phang-nga, 82160 Map

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