“A temple of meditation, founded by Lp. Thet Tesrangsi, on the banks of the Mekong River. The scenery is very beautiful.”

Wat Hin Mak Peng is located at Thai Charoen, Tambon Phra Phutthabat.The temple compound is spacious, clean and shady with various species of plants amidst tranquility, its area on one side bordrs the Mekong River where a scenic view can be seen.

The temple is renowned for its extraordinary design, featuring a thousand columns that give it its name. These columns are made of concrete and are intricately decorated with beautiful patterns and motifs. The architectural style is a fusion of Thai and Burmese influences, creating a visually stunning and culturally rich experience for visitors.

Originally, this plece was a Dharna practice place of Luangpu Thet Thetrangsi, a famous meditation master of isan, who initiated it as a Dharma practice centre for Buddhist monks, nuns and pilgrims. After his Death, a Chaedi was built to enshrine his remains. inside the temple, there is a statue of Luangpu Thet on display with the eight requisites (the three robes, the bowl, a razor, a needle, the girdle and a water-strainer) and his biography.

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