Day 4 สังคม ท่าบ่อ หนองคาย

Wat Hin Mak Peng is located at Thai Charoen, Tambon Phra Phutthabat.The temple compound is spacious, clean and shady with various species of plants amidst tranquility, its area on one side bordrs the Mekong River where a scenic view can be seen.
The temple is renowned for its extraordinary design, featuring a thousand columns that give it its name. These columns are made of concrete and are intric...
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Namtok Than Thong Is located in Ban Pha Tang, Mu 1, Tambon Pha Tang. This waterfall has its stream flowing along the rocky ground. There is a pond where visitors can swim.Tiers of small cascades line below for a distance of around 30 metres before merging with the Mekhong River. The time to visit when the waterfall holds plenty of water is between June and October.The surrounding area is an arbore... read more
Namtok Than Thip Nongkai Is a high and beautiful waterfall amidst a lush forest. It has three tiers. The frist tier is around 30 metres high and its long white body of water rushes into a pond below. The second tier of about 100 metres higgh can be reached through a marked trail. The third tier is around 70 metres high with water flowing all year round, especially in the rainy season there wi... read more
Yung Thong Waterfall located at Ban Sawang, Mu 2, Tambon Na Yoong, King-Amphoe Na Yung is a waterfall on the ridge of Phu Phan and Phu Ya Ou, where a stream flows through the steep rock cliff. Yung Thong Waterfall is three metres high and composed of water beautifully cascading amongst the stones, especially during the rainy season when it thunders down in torrents among the lush, green flora. Loc... read more